My Awesome “Glam Look” in 5 Minutes

Yelena Kalendareva

Posted on May 30 2018

My Awesome “Glam Look” in 5 Minutes

As a busy mom with a big  family, a business, a community and several dreams to pursue I have very little time to do a full on glam daily. I mean let’s be honest! Even if I had an extra hour (aahh just the thought gets me every time!) why on earth would I waste it on doing a full on glam? I would rather watch another episode of Korean drama (which I have been obsessing over for at least 3 years now).  

So, I have been fine tuning my daily makeup and skin care routine, so I can look like a million dollars without spending neither a million dollars nor 3 hours in a makeup chair (GENIUS! I know!). Now I can win a makeup marathon in under 5 minutes flat!


As much as I love little 5 minute hacks, I also absolutely love sharing them with you my beauties! So here we go.


Let’s begin by talking about my skincare regimen that literally takes 2 minutes in a shower and then 30 seconds outside of the shower. My obsession is with this natural handmade skin care line called S’TERRA products.  Depending on your skin condition, they will have a product for you, so I recommend just reaching out to them on their website and asking for help.  I personally LOVE their Moroccan Spa Bar! When I tell you that my skin has improved sooooo much, I mean it! The bar comes with a sponge that you use to exfoliate your face.  Just wet the sponge, swoosh some of the soap on it and go over the face in round motion.  This will remove any makeup, pollution and whatever else got stock to your face, after your 2 year old was done throwing his dinner at you….(oh wait that’s my story).  After the shower I apply S’TERRA’s Hydra Night Cream all over the face and body.  This God sent product is going to hydrate and plump up fine lines. I also use a very small amount in the morning before makeup.   You will thank me later! That’s my skin care routine in a nutshell.  Doesn’t get any easier then this. 


Now that your skin is glowing from getting a gorgeous 9 hour sleep (it could happen…..right?) Let’s whip out my Natural liquid foundation and apply all over your face, lids and a bit onto the neck.  You can apply using a blending sponge, or one of our Magic Wands which are so soft and smooth but strong at the same time (like a prince we always read about). Next I use a Natural Mascara to get my eyes looking fresh and defined. This mascara lasts all day and makes my sensitive eyes feel at ease. Of coarse, blush is my goto product to bring back the color of youth (which was literally yesterday). I love my pressed blush.  I switch it up depending on what lipstick I  wear.  Apply on the cheek bones and blend with blush brush.  Last but not least is (my favorite part) a lipstick.  I love both formulations in Natural line, the matte and creamy, I recently have been totally binging on the Blushing Bride from our Natural Matte Lipsticks. The reason why I started wearing mattes more, is because they last longer.  Who doesn’t want longer wear? Right? And that completes my awesome “Glam Look” that only takes me 5 minutes to do.


No time to shop individual product pages (#guilty) then click the link below for a page I made just for you to shop all products on one page.  How awesome! Well, you totally deserve it!


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