Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is Shabbat Sampler Kit?

Shabbat Sampler Kit was created after we kept receiving an overwhelming amount of requests for samples.  We decided to make it easier for our amazing Aneley clients, and create 2 kits.  First kit is for Lighter skin tones and second kit is for Medium skin tones.  Both include 5 blushes, 3 lip powders and depending on the kit, loose foundations in shiny and matte finishes.  They come in jars filled with 0.20 gram of product, which is plenty to test and see what color will work for you before buying a full size product.

2. If I am between light and medium, what should I get?

We recommend getting the medium kit.  There is one color that we include in both Light and Medium kits that works for light and medium skin in transition.

3. Can I use these colors however I want? For example, blush color on my lids or lips, etc?

YES! This is the fun part about our minerals.  You can even mix the shades together to get your perfect custom shade.  (Just remember to measure and record how you got that color)