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Pro Mini Brow Kit

Designer: Aneley Cosmetics


Mini Brow Kit – This Mini Brow Kit is amazing!!!! With two refillable wells and the brow color, you can choose from 4 colors.

What’s in it?
Brow bone highlighter, brow powder, mini tweezers, dual end applicator with angled brow brush and shadow sponge.

How to use:
Clean up stray hair around the brow with mini tweezers. Using the angled brow brush, define the brow starting with the inner end going outwards to the outer end of the brow. After defining the brow, take the dark side of the sponge applicator and lightly fill in the brows with the brow powder. Then, using the white part of the sponge applicator, dip into the highlighting powder and gently brush over the brow bone to make the brow stand out.

brow powders color swatchesdescription

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