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Pro Brow Pallet

Designer: Aneley Cosmetics


Pro Brow Pallet

Pro Brow Pallet is a MUST-HAVE addition to your routine. This refillable pallet comes with four different brow powders and one brow wax. In addition, we have included a dual end brush. One side is an angled brow brush with firm bristles to define the brow and give it shape. The other side is a mascara wand to brush through the finished brow and make it look natural.  All you need to do is get refills for the color you ran out off!

How to use:
When creating a brow, you need to first find your color. Usually for blondes and redheads, use a shade darker than your natural hair. For brunettes, use the same color as your hair. Once you find your color, dip the angled brush into the darker shade and define your brows by following the natural curve of your brow. Now, take the brow brush and fill in brows (try to keep it lighter than the heavier side). Once you have completed the brow, take the mascara wand end of the applicator and gently start brushing the brows outward. After the color is blended, pick up a bit of the brow wax and apply to the brows to keep them in shape. If you are not sure where the brow should begin and end, then follow this general rule: Take a straight object, either a small ruler or a straight pencil with no curves. Place the pencil against your nostril and the inner corner of the eye (make sure the pencil is on same side of the face). Then, line the pencil against the same nostril, but this time line the pencil with the outer corner of the eye. That’s where the brow should end. Do the same thing on the other side.

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